coils The role of
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Inductance coil mutual inductance works: in the exchange of inductance coil through the alternating magnetic field, place another inductance coil, alternating magnetic field in the magnetic field lines will pass through the coil, and in the coil to generate induced electromotive force, coils we will this Phenomenon known as mutual sense. Generally, the original wire is referred to as the mutual inductance of the primary circle. The interaction between the primary and secondary coils is called coupling (coefficient). coils Coupling coefficient and the location of the two coils, the way, whether the core and other factors. The two coils is the inductance and the coupling coefficient between the two coils, inductance coil mutual inductance principle is the common principle of the transformer.

The role of the inductive coil. coils The role of the inductor is as follows: 1) blocking action: the self-inductance electromotive force in the coil is always against the current change in the coil. Mainly divided into high-frequency blocking coil and low-frequency blocking coil.

Tuning and selecting the frequency: Inductor coil and capacitor in parallel can be composed of LC tuning circuit. That is, the natural oscillation frequency f0 of the circuit is equal to the frequency f of the non-AC signal, the inductance and capacitive reactance of the loop are equal, coils so the electromagnetic energy is oscillating back and forth between the inductance and the capacitor, which is the resonance phenomenon of the LC circuit. Because the inductance of the circuit is the same as the resistance of the circuit, coils the current of the loop is the smallest and the current is the largest (the AC signal of f = "f0"). Therefore, coils the LC resonant circuit has the function of selecting the frequency, Can be a frequency f of the AC signal selected.