dry herb vaporizer Unique
- Sep 21, 2017 -

dry herb vaporizer Chinese medicine extraction is "save its essence, to its dregs" process, dry herb vaporizer but also the key to traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction is generally water decoction, boiling 2 times, boiling high temperature, long time, energy consumption, waste, the current commonly used Chinese medicine extraction unit equipment mainly include: multi-function extraction tank, hot reflux extraction device, Oil extraction device, vacuum pressure concentrator, spherical concentrator, dry herb vaporizer chill tank, distillation column, solvent configuration tank, double-effect enrichment unit, crystallization tank, macroporous resin adsorption eluting device, membrane separation / membrane concentrator, Critical extraction devices, microwave extraction devices, ultrasonic extraction devices and storage tanks.

China has been put into operation of traditional Chinese medicine extraction process control system are mostly independent operation of the automatic control system, these systems are to varying degrees to solve the optimization control problem, improve the production safety and production efficiency, dry herb vaporizer to ensure the consistency of equipment control.

However, dry herb vaporizer the current operating situation, dry herb vaporizer the traditional Chinese medicine extraction process control system there are the following deficiencies:

(1) control procedures fixed, in the replacement of new products, often require programmers to add, modify the control program;

(2) the enterprise product production process details fully introduced to the project contractor is responsible for controlling the software programming of technical personnel, dry herb vaporizer is not conducive to confidentiality;

(3) Although the process parameters with management functions, but most of the features are not standardized, incomplete, do not have version control and audit tracking function;

(4) The production manager can not obtain the complete process information directly from the control system.

Our traditional Chinese medicine automatic control system effectively inherited the essence of a generation of products, the existing system to upgrade the target, dry herb vaporizer the formation of a unique traditional Chinese medicine automatic control system.