e liquid vaporizer Overcoming gravity
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Materials to concentrate on the heat exchanger tube box to join, e liquid vaporizer  through liquid cloth inside the material assigned to the heat exchange tube, tube liquid membrane in the process of downflow by shell side heating steam heating, flow boiling and evaporation, to the bottom of the heat exchange tube material into concentrate and secondary steam, then from the separator to remove the secondary steam entrainment of liquid droplets, through the compressor compression after the secondary steam to heat exchanger for evaporator of heat, so as to realize continuous evaporation process.

A anti-gravity liquid evaporator, including (1) of tank, tank (1) there are (2) the top of the above, here are the mouth (7), the upper tank is equipped with the spray nozzle (3), whose character is: the tanks (1) is equipped with many extended along the horizontal direction or sloping direction slab dispersible tablet (8). Its beneficial effects are: liquid mainly along the horizontal or inclined surface flow, reduce the speed of falling, volatile matter free opportunities significantly increased, especially liquid molecular attraction can rely on, e liquid vaporizer  to overcome the gravity, the dispersible tablet (8) in the following table surface along the horizontal direction or sloping direction, dispersion effect is a plus. Therefore can simplify structure, lower height, evaporation under the condition of reducing energy consumption to achieve a satisfactory effect, the quality of the liquid is not affected, the treatment cost is greatly reduced, especially suitable for edible oil acid deodorization, oil purification and variety of volatile components extracted liquid etc

1) frequently conduct the leak detection of evaporator. Leakage is a common failure phenomenon of evaporator and should be paid attention to frequently. When leakage, there is a pungent smell, e liquid vaporizer  leak spots not frost. Use the phenolphthalein test on the leak, because ammonia is alkaline and the phenolphthalein test paper turns red. In the eye of the eye, where the evaporator is usually unfrosted, it is usually a leak point, or it can be found leaking in soapy water. Evaporator leak detection can use halogen lamp and halogen leak detector, also can use soap water to look for leak. Can use first eye when checking to see if there are any more oil evaporation on the exhaust pipe, because freon and oil miscibility, freon leak, the oil will leak out funnelled, therefore, e liquid vaporizer  where there is oil stains, there is leakage. With the halogen leak detection, if somewhere at the freon leak, halogen lamp burning flame from blue to green, shallow green, grass green, purple, green, purple color can determine what freon leakage. If the flame is dark green or purple, e liquid vaporizer  the light in the flame is poisonous and cannot be examined for a long time. In this case, the soap water can be used to check the leak point. A halogen leak detector should be used for leakage detection.

2) regularly check the frosting conditions of the evaporator. When the frost layer is too thick, e liquid vaporizer  should defrost in time. When the frost is abnormal, may be caused by the blockage, should seek the reason in time and eliminate.

3) when the evaporator is out of service, e liquid vaporizer  it is appropriate to keep the pressure of the evaporator under 0.05mpa (table pressure) while the refrigerant is not in the tank or condenser. For the evaporator in the salt pool, flush with running water and fill the tank with tap water after rinsing.