vaporizer accessories Pre-installation check
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Check it before installation is good, vaporizer accessories especially the temperature part of the body.

Installation location must be close to the evaporator where the valve body should be mounted vertically and can not be tilted or upside down.

Installation, should pay attention to the temperature inside the body of the liquid is always maintained in the temperature package, so the temperature package should be installed lower than the valve body.

The temperature sensor is installed as far as possible at the outlet level of the evaporator, and should be kept away from the suction port of the compressor by more than 1.5m.

The temperature package must not be placed on the piping with the effluent.

If the evaporator outlet with gas-liquid exchanger, the general temperature packaging at the outlet of the evaporator, that is, before the heat exchanger.

Temperature package is usually placed in the evaporator back to the trachea, vaporizer accessories and close to the wall wrapped tightly, the contact should be clean up the scale, revealing the true color of metal.

When the return pipe diameter is less than 25mm, the temperature package can be tied to the top of the return pipe; when the diameter is greater than 25mm, vaporizer accessories can be tied to the lower side of the return pipe 45 ° to prevent the bottom of the tube oil and other factors, The correct temperature.

Superheat is too small (too much liquid supply), adjust the lever clockwise rotation half a circle or a circle (that is, increase the spring force, vaporizer accessories reduce the valve opening), when the refrigerant flow. Adjust the thread of the thread once the number of turns should not be too much (adjust the rod thread rotation, heating degree changes about 1-2 ℃), after several adjustments until the requirements meet.

Turn the lever to change the opening of the valve, vaporizer accessories so that the evaporator back to the tube just to frost or condensation. The evaporation temperature of less than 0 degrees of the cooling device, if the frost after hand touch, there is a hand holding the cold feeling, this time the opening is appropriate; the evaporation temperature of 0 degrees or more, you can see as condensation Judgment of the situation.