vaporizer Note clear
- Sep 21, 2017 -

After the sprayer is deactivated, it is necessary to clean the parts of the liquid medicine barrels, vaporizer hoses and spray bars, and pay special attention to removing the soil in the bottom of the liquid barrel.

Because most of the pesticides have a spray on the role of corrosion - so after the suspension, it is necessary to wash with alkaline water again, and then rinse clean water.

Especially after spraying the Bordeaux mixture, it is best to soak alkaline water l-2 hours, because the Bordeaux liquid is very corrosive. Pay attention to prevent rust. All parts that can be disassembled must be removed and washed clean.

Spray bar, the nozzle of the inner wall of the use of oil to wash, so as to avoid moisture rust.

 To be well maintained. Detailed inspection of various parts, where the fixed parts of the screw or often wear and tear of the place, should be coated with glycerol, vaporizer found damaged parts, to repair in time to re-use.

After the completion of the inspection of the small parts of the toilet paper wrapped, placed in the storage tank, so as not to lose. Can not be placed in the dark and humid corner, but can not be stored in the open air.

How to maintain the sprayer and sprayer maintenance methods to master, properly maintained, will extend the life of the sprayer, but also reduce expenses.

Long-term maintenance of the motorized sprayer Long-term maintenance of the motorized sprayer refers to the need for long-term non-use when the motorized sprayer needs to be used for a long time,

 ① the motorized sprayer medicine box all the ingredients of the clean, otherwise, will cause damage to the motorized sprayer;

 ② mobile sprayer do not exist in the residual fuel, on the one hand to avoid corrosive damage to the motorized sprayer, on the other hand can play a role in preventing fire;

 ③ the motorized sprayer internal spark plug, the cylinder of carbon deposition clean;

 ④ the motorized sprayer to clean the outside, vaporizer to prevent the appearance of paint off, if the paint has been off the need to re-paint;

 ⑤ Place the motorized sprayer in a ventilated, vaporizer dry place, and the headroom should be protected from overheating or cold, otherwise it will cause damage to the motorized sprayer.