wax vaporizer Evaporation process
- Sep 21, 2017 -

For the evaporator composite aluminum plate evaporator leakage, repair welding, wax vaporizer  the first evaporator leak around the clean, and then in accordance with the following methods to repair:

1, aluminum and tin melting into 2 mm thick aluminum tin electrode, and then three hundred watts of electric soldering iron will be melting aluminum, while in the hole, wax vaporizer  heating and friction at the same time.

2, remove the discarded circuit board copper layer, and then the remaining epoxy resin board into powder, and sieved with rosin powder made of flux. In the leakage around the hole put a little flux, and then in the place where there is leakage of electric iron soldering iron electrode, you can solder holes.

3, the self-curing powder and self-coagulation by 10: 6 to reconcile, wait a few minutes later, will be a little blending liquid in the leakage hole can be.

4, first take one percent dilute phosphoric acid solution will be treated around the leak hole, after a moment after coating iron trichloride, 1 minute later, wax vaporizer  with a hundred watts of soldering iron for welding, welding and then the residual flux treatment clean.

For the evaporator copper tube evaporator, wax vaporizer  leakage usually occurs in the welding place, find the leak after the hole should be timely leak.

For the display cabinet evaporator without disassembly can be trapped in the evaporator, before welding, first cut the display cabinet evaporator compressor seal, and the display cabinet evaporator slightly heated, so that the display cabinet evaporator refrigerant generated The steam is discharged from the seal. Welding, the use of silver gun welding, and usually with a small torch and tip, wax vaporizer  while the flame can not be too strong, and as much as possible to shorten the repair welding time, and the action quickly and accurately trap to prevent the heating time is too long lead to display Cabinet evaporator large area deformation.

The stock solution is fed from the upper tank of the heat exchanger, and the material is distributed into each heat transfer tube through the cloth distributor, wax vaporizer  and a uniform liquid film is formed along the inner wall of the heat transfer tube. The liquid film in the tube flows in the downstream direction Of the heated steam heated, while boiling down and boiling and evaporation. To the bottom of the heat exchanger material into a concentrate and secondary steam.

Concentrate into the lower tube, wax vaporizer  the second steam into the gas-liquid separator. wax vaporizer  The secondary droplets of the secondary steam entrained in the gas-liquid separator are removed and the pure secondary evaporation is delivered from the separator to the compressor. wax vaporizer  The compressor compresses the secondary vapor as a heated steam to the heat exchanger shell side for the evaporator heat source. To achieve continuous evaporation process.