wax vaporizer process
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The operation of the evaporator is a common unit operation, the operator should do: "four" (understand the structure, principle, wax vaporizer  performance and application of the evaporator), "four" (operation, maintenance, and check the exclusion).

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Evaporator operation: equipment operation, must be carefully operated, wax vaporizer  strictly controlled. The operator should check with the operating time interval and adjust the evaporator and record it. When the device is in stable operation, it is not easy to change the parameters.

Evaporator: the evaporator in the long time the parking device is not activated or due to the need to evacuate the maintenance needs, should be completely stopped; small repair small only a short time to stop the device, so that the device should be in standby mode; on the accident car, wax vaporizer  it is difficult to predict Every possible situation should be carried out in an emergency stop.

The evaporator system should be routinely maintained: the main equipment evaporator is usually "washed". (Also known as washing furnace), washing efficiency method, wax vaporizer  divided into large, small wash two.

1. By evaporation: natural evaporation: the solution evaporates below the boiling point temperature, such as sea salt, in this case, because the solvent only in the solution surface vaporization, solvent vaporization rate is low. Boiling Evaporation: The solution is heated to boiling point and evaporated in boiling state. Industrial evaporation operations are basically such.

2. According to the heating method: direct heat source heating it is the fuel and air mixed with the combustion of high temperature flame and flue gas through the nozzle directly into the evaporation of the solution to heat the solution, so that the evaporation process of solvent vaporization. wax vaporizer  The indirect heat source heats the walls of the vessel to pass the evaporated solution. That is, in the wall heat exchanger carried out in the heat transfer process.

3. According to the operating pressure points: can be divided into atmospheric pressure, pressure and vacuum (vacuum) evaporation operation. Obviously, for heat-sensitive materials, such as antibiotic solutions, fruit juice, etc. should be carried out under reduced pressure. wax vaporizer  And high viscosity materials should be used to pressurize high temperature heat source heating (such as heat transfer oil, molten salt, etc.) for evaporation.

4. According to the effect of points: can be divided into single-effect and multi-effect evaporation. If the evaporation of the secondary steam produced by direct condensation is no longer used, known as single-effect evaporation. Resultss. Rhithers. and Rhithers. wax vaporizer  and rounds.ithers.ither rounds.ithers. Rhithers. Findss.ferences Resultss. Rhithers. Refunds wanted Results Results (Rhithers. Rhithers. and rounds.ither rounds.ithers.

5. by steam and electric points: the evaporation process used in all the steam and evaporation process to drive the compressor to compress the secondary steam mvr evaporator. MVR evaporator in the evaporation process, as long as the system needs to be activated when the steam, the normal operation does not need to pass steam.