2017 Beijing Electronic Cigarette Exhibition Ended, The Atmosphere Of The Show Again And Again To The Climax!
- Oct 30, 2017 -

As the last professional electronic cigarette exhibition in 2017 in China, the Beijing Electronic Cigarette Exhibition ended successfully at Beijing International Exhibition Center (Old Country Exhibition) at 16:30 on October 29th.

vape exihibition.jpg 

Thousands of fine electronic cigarette scene equipment, tobacco products debut exhibition, the exhibition number of nearly 20,000. LOV steam race, vapor with hip-hop, live auctions and other activities will show atmosphere again and again to the climax.


Although the late October Beijing has reached the late autumn season, the weather began to become cold, but the visitors enthusiasm for the show was not affected by the weather, the surge but the temperature of the exhibition hall "fried" to boiling!