3 Different Clinical Trials, Comparing The Dangers Of Vaporizers And Traditional Cigarettes!(2)
- Nov 21, 2017 -

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The second test - pure water test

Test Tools: vaporizers, traditional cigarettes, two bottles of mineral water

The first step: the test begins, first to saliva(dry herb vape )

The second step: to vomit vaporizers smoke  and traditional cigarette smoke (best herb vaporizer )

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The third step: shake the bottle up and down. The process was to bring the smoke and water together to show how the smoke smudges the pure water through the combination of smoke and water. During the melt test, two temporary fellows made a special response to smoke and water by physical shaking

Conclusion: We can clearly see that there is almost no color change in the bottle of liquid on the side of the e-pipe, whereas in the case of the traditional cigarette, the liquid shows a light yellow color. Although vaporizers do not discolor the liquid, it is obviously unrealistic to say that it is harmless. (portable dry herb vaporizer)

This experiment is mainly to compare traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, who endanger the larger test results have been placed in front of everyone, I believe we have their own judgments. Here you can explain to everyone that electronic cigarettes do not yellow teeth than cigarettes, because of its poor dyeing

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