3 Different Clinical Trials, Comparing The Dangers Of Vaporizers And Traditional Cigarettes!(3)
- Nov 21, 2017 -

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The third test - mice test

Test Tools: mice, plastic bottles, vaporizers, traditional cigarettes

The first step: take two experimental mice, were placed in two plastic bottles;

Step two: respectively in two bottles of cigarette and vaporizer smoke, cover;(vaporizing weed )

The third step: stand for some time, the cigarette smoke becomes cloudy, the electronic cigarette is still milky white. Cigarette smoke in the mice began to convulsions, the electronic cigarette smoke mice are still shopping;(best dry herb vape pen )

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Step four: Open the lid contrast, one has been completely linked, the other seems to be able to jump.

Conclusion: Needless to say, everyone can find the difference.(vaporizer pen for weed )


See the experimental video of these three different objects,

Which electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes which are more harmful,

I believe we have a mind!(vape pen weed )


I hope everyone spread the video out,

Let more people understand the contrast of electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes!


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For myself, for my family, for the next generation!

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