A Thai Couple Was Arrested By The Police Because Of Selling Electronic Cigarettes Online
- Dec 14, 2017 -

On December 12, two suspects in Thailand were arrested on suspicion of selling electronic cigarettes on Facebook via Facebook on Facebook in Khlong Luang.

Police confirmed the two were 25-year-old SivanutPoonpol and 23-year-old girlfriend Natthanicha Duangthong. Yesterday morning, they were arrested in the parking lot near tambon Khlong Song K12 building. The authorities have yet to confiscate 40 electronic cigarettes and 3500 bottles worth about 200 million baht of liquid smoke and liquid smoke. All the electronic cigarettes and their belongings were searched from the suspects' room and there was a warehouse in Soi Khlong Luang Muang Mai in the sub district.

The two allegedly admitted to the police that they sold electronic cigarettes through two Facebook pages. Electronic cigarettes are priced at 1,200-1,300 baht and e-cigs are sold at 550 baht per bottle. These products are free shipping to customers. Most of their clients are high school and college students. The suspects were charged with violating the Office of the Consumer Protection Commission's ban on the sale of goods and contraband contraband in violation of the Customs Law.