Another Vaporizer Company Set Up Secretly, The Capital Behind Is Not Simple!
- Nov 22, 2017 -

Recently, the domestic vaporizer industry has joint a new vaporizer company, verified by Xiaobian through insiders confirmed that this company named Dongguan Haichuangwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the capital behind it is not simple.cannabis vape 

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Dongguan Haichuangwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company established by Dongguan  Hainan Chamber of Commerce. The shareholders are voluntary members of Dongguan Hainan Chamber of Commerce official. November 13, 2017, Dongguan Haichuangwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Changping Town, Dongguan City, Eurasia Hotel (five-star) ceremony was held. Chen Zhenjiang, chairman of Dongguan Chamber of Commerce in Hainan, executive vice president Xu Guoyou, executive vice president and secretary general Wang Jiazhong and other members of 26 chambers of commerce as shareholders participated in the ceremony.(vaping marijuana )

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Company legal counsel Zhong Yu lawyer for the company's structure and legal issues were described in detail to ensure the legitimate development of the company and ultimately the company's goal of listing. Dongguan Hai Chong Wei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. full-time deputy general manager of Chamber of Commerce by Zhang Guichuan served as the founding ceremony, I will governor Zhang Guichuan also conducted his speech, and said he will certainly wholeheartedly Dongguan Haichuangwei  Technology Co., Ltd. bigger and stronger!(top vaporizers )

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