Are Concentrates The Future Of Vaporization?
- Nov 08, 2017 -

1-alibaba web site 01.jpgWe’ll continue to see improvements in efficiency and temperature control as the industry evolves, supporting further innovations that focus on “whole plant experiences.” Recent advances in extraction techniques are fueling an exciting boom in concentrates, both in quality and in variety. If you can get your hands on a vaporizer that can be used to consume concentrates (such as the Firefly, which offers a mesh pad that fits into the vape chamber), you’ll likely enjoy a profoundly different, more versatile experience than the currently popular vape pens.

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As the cannabis industry continues to perfect the concentrates of the future by honing into plant profiles and flavors, the vape industry will evolve with it, creating the appropriate tools for the newest forms of the plant. It’s fun to think about what future vapes might do — examine the quality of your plants? Tell you exactly what combination of ingredients you’re inhaling? Project videos of what’s changing in the molecular structure of the plant while you vape? Whatever happens, the possibilities of future vaping are boundless and the benefits are all yours.

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