Beauty With Leech Test Tells You Which Is More Harmful, Vaporizer Or Cigarettes?
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Leech is a highly viable creature that, if it can not survive in the leaching solution of cigarettes, really shows the dangers of cigarettes are really huge. In order to leech full of vitality before the experiment, the beauty is very bold leech adsorption on their own arms, although the girl's heart will have some fear, but curiosity for the experiment or over this kind of fear.


The beautiful girl prepared two glasses and poured it into the water. Then she placed a cigarette in one cup, while the other cup filled the cigarette with the e-cigarette. I saw the leeches in the left cup quickly react, it is constantly struggling, you want to escape the cup, but failed to succeed.


After a while it actually had no movement, it seems that there is no breath, while the right of the leech in the cup this time is still intact, from time to time to swim around, this scene can see bright eyesight. I did not expect the dangers of cigarettes even so big, even leeches are easily get rid of it.