British American Tobacco Build Vaporizer Product Database
- Nov 06, 2017 -

British American Vaporizer scientists said they used the data collected from a series of scientific tests to create the most comprehensive database of scientific tests for vaporizers to form a template to support vaporizers and next-generation products, such as Tobacco heating device related health claims, such as "low risk."

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Dr David O'Reilly, BAT's Director of Science and Research, said: "This is a completely new area of consumption where consumers and regulators want as much information about the product as possible and we believe in scientifically gathering evidence, To demonstrate the low-risk potential of e-cigarettes and other products, it is particularly important that products are tested in this way and we plan to make it the first application of a science-based assessment framework. "

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The BAT methodology for evaluating potential low-risk products is published in the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, describing 17 studies on the Vype ePen test.


The tests include preclinical studies aimed at demonstrating that the composition of steam smoke is relatively simple compared to conventional cigarette smoke; demonstrating that the poison in steam smoke is about 95% less toxic than in smoke. Further tests showed that the steam had no biological effect on human cells tested in the laboratory or had at least a significantly reduced impact compared to conventional cigarette smoke.

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Clinical studies involving humans have shown that steam smoke can effectively provide nicotine to consumers just as cigarette smoke, indicating whether the product can provide smokers with satisfactory alternatives to cigarettes.


Population studies use predictive modeling to estimate the overall detrimental effect of products on the population, indicating that the widespread availability of e-cigarettes has an overall detrimental effect because more people may use e-cigarettes when the e-cigarettes are fully marketed.