Can Vaporizers Offer A Whole Plant Experience?
- Nov 08, 2017 -

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From Blue Dream to White Widow to Girl Scout Cookies, every cannabis strain has a unique combination of over 85 active cannabinoids and over 100 terpenoid flavors, creating a different experience for you. Each of these ingredients activates at a different temperature, augmenting each other and your brain to create different flavors and effects. How can vaporization allow you to taste the true flavor of the plant and feel the full effect?

The challenge in vaporizing cannabis is the dispersion of activation temperatures; they range from 220°F (THC-A) to 365°F (CBD), with many temperatures above and between.

Cannabis boiling point temperatures and effects

Most current models offer temperature adjustment, but you still vape one temperature at a time. So is it even possible to vape at multiple temperatures without letting your vapor sit around and lose potent terpenoids? The answer is yes, and the new way to vape is through dynamic convection.

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