Coils Is Insulated Wire
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Inductance coil is insulated wire (enameled wire, yarn wrapped wire, coils wire, etc.) in close contact with a map from the system in the AC circuit, the coil has impeded the role of AC current through, and the stability of the DC The voltage does not work (line crime itself except DC resistance exception). coils So the coil can be in the AC circuit for resistance flow, pressure, cross, load and so on. When the coil and capacitor can be used when the tuning, filtering, frequency selection, frequency, decoupling and so on.

Inductance coil in the circuit commonly used in the English letter "L" said, coils the inductance of the unit is "Henry", referred to as Heng, commonly used in English letters "H" said; Biheng small units for the cents, with the English letter mH said; Unit for the micro-Heng, with the English letter H said. The relationship between them is: 1H = 103mH = 106uH. (1) self-inductance and mutual inductance. coils When the AC current passes through the inductor coil, an alternating magnetic field is generated around the coil, which can pass through the coil and generate an induced electromotive force in the coil. The size of the self-inductance electromotive force and the magnetic flux of the magnetic properties of the magnetic, this feature with self-inductance coefficient to represent. Electric sensation. The amount of inductance is the amount that represents the magnitude of the inductance, commonly referred to as inductance.

Induction coil self-inductance works: coil (inductance) in the direction of self-inductance electromotive force will hinder the original magnetic field changes, coils this is because the original magnetic field is generated in the coil current, self-inductance of electric heat through the coil current Change, this obstruction is the inductance of the inductive, the unit ohm (). coils The size of the inductive reactance is related to the magnitude of the current inductance of the coil and the frequency of the AC through the inductive coil. The greater the inductance, coils the greater the inductance it forms. The same inductance, the higher the frequency of AC current, coils the greater the sense of resistance. Their relationship can be explained by the following formula: XL = 2fL where XL - inductance; f - current frequency; L - inductance.