Countdown! 2017 China Electronic Cigarette and Vaporizer Industry Planning and Development Summit(1)
- Dec 12, 2017 -


Already entered the countdown preparation 2017 China Electronic Cigarette Industry Planning Development Forum, a few days ago China Electronic Chamber of Commerce e-cigarette Committee President Ou Junbiao, executive vice president Yao Jide, Chen Zhenjiang, vice president, Secretary Ao Wei Nuo and the Secretariat staff He went to the Marriott Hotel to hold the preparatory work meeting for the 2017 e-cigarette summit and arranged for the smooth convening of the summit and preparations for the summit so as to ensure the smooth holding of this summit.

2017 China Electronic Cigarette Industry Planning and Development Forum will be held on December 20 (Wednesday) 14:00 - 17:00 at the JW Marriott Hotel Qianhai OCT 8 Bao Xing Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. What will be the highlight of this summit forum, the outside world has been particularly looking forward to


total 7 highlights, it is worth attention.

Point One

The policy of the domestic electronic cigarette industry is vague and hard to figure out. This is the most troubling issue for all e-cigarette practitioners. As a result, many brands have limited promotion of the domestic market and are afraid to cultivate long-term layout.

The conference, intended to Ministry of Industry, State Administration of Customs, AQSIQ and other relevant government leaders attended the speech, and on e-cigarette industry regulatory policies and development requirements for interpretation. This may be the development of the domestic electronic cigarette industry so far, from the national level on the e-cigarette industry's development policy for the first time publicly stated! Positive energy is full, in 2018 up sleeves continue to fuel dry!


Point Two

All along, the Chinese electronic cigarette industry has been a lack of authority, unity and effective industry standards, the entire market for a long period of disorderly development, plagiarism Imitation commonplace, price competition, fake and shoddy, the product varies greatly.

The conference will release the first official and authoritative standard for electronic cigarette and smoke and oil in China's electronic cigarette industry. It is expected to boost the standardization and sound development of China's electronic cigarette industry.