David Nat, A Famous British Pharmacologist, Asserted That Tobacco And Cigarettes Will Be Replaced By Vaporizers Within 10 Years!
- Dec 20, 2017 -

British media said a well-known druggist said that Western society may be within a generation to give up alcohol, switch to the use of synthetic alcohol will not cause hangover.


According to the British "Independent" website reported December 17, the British government former medical adviser, Imperial College London professor David Nate said "synthetic alcohol" will bring the similar effect of alcohol, but will not appear the next day Nausea and severe headache.

Nat also said he believes tobacco and cigarettes will also be replaced by electronic cigarettes within 10 years.

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He told the "International Financial Daily" reporter: "In another 10 or 20 years, western society will only drink in extremely rare circumstances."

He said: "Synthetic alcohol will become the preferred beverage in the Western world within 10 years, just as I saw tobacco and cigarettes will be replaced by electronic cigarettes."

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