Do You Have The Behavior To Make Customer Will Not Come To Your Vaporizer Store Again?
- Nov 13, 2017 -

In your aporizer store, you do not only sell product but also services. Make guests Run away do not need to do a lot, only some unnoticed behavier, they do not want to come again!


When complaining about customer demanding too much , compare yourself with the following mistakes?

1, do not open the door on time, or close early.


2, the customer into the shop, ignore it.


3, selling electronic cigarettes, but they smoked cigarettes in the store!


4, the phone rang three times, no one answered.


5, the store's tables and chairs are not clean.


6, the shop's drinks are expired or steaming drinks without steam.


7, take a trial to the customer, is bad;


8, there is no trial of atomizer oil, there is no suction nozzle cover.


9, trial atomizer nozzle stains;


10, trial nebulizer label does not match with the taste of the inside of the tobacco smoke, obviously the taste of tobacco, the label above reads the fruit flavor.

dry herb wax vaporizer.jpg

.......(To be continued)