Do You Have The Behavior To Make Customer Will Not Come To Your Vaporizer Store Again?--two
- Nov 13, 2017 -

11, the customer is looking at the product, there is no staff in the store to serve or pay attention to their existence.


12, the shop for customers to sit below the tables and chairs with chewing gum.


13, customers are optimistic about a product, want to see, do not take half a day.


14, there are customers, but also just chatting with colleagues, twitter or loud noise.

15, the customer asked what products have the function, the introduction is not clear.

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16, the store floor debris, paper or food was not picked up immediately.


17, guests have set the e-cigarette, sold out, but did not promptly notify. Customers come to take the product, but said no.

 18, all the smell in the shop.


19, can not do things, promised customers random.


20, talking to customers.

21, the customer pay for e-cigarettes, the customer is not reasonable with the mining.


Services are not perfect, customers are all kinds of, but in order to attract repeat customers, the details can not be ignored.

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