Dry Herb, Oil, Wax: Which Vaporizer​ Does It Best?
- Nov 06, 2017 -

No matter whether you’re using oil, wax or dry herb, a vaporizer lets you ingest cannabinoids without taking in the unhealthy carcinogens of the rolling papers and plant matter. While it can be hard to find the perfect device, especially depending on what kind of concentrate you plan to use, spending a little extra effort is definitely worth it. The following are some of the best vaporizers for dry herb, oil and wax that will help you make a healthier smoking choice this year.

RHINO Vaporizer 01.jpg

Inspired by the Rhino,our Rhino is a innovative and super portable vaporizer.

It is a combination of power and beauty,featuring 5 temperatures setting and a big volume ceramic heating chamber. Quick 30 seconds heating.

It's one button design guarantees a hassle-free session.

It's great for users who want an easy to use dry-herb portable vaporizer.

09-casper 01.jpg

Hecig Casper Trio is an innovative vaporizer greatly for beginners and seniors! One vaporizer, triple enjoyment!!!

Dual Quartz coil,Ceramic donut coil,Flat dry herb coil--3 coils in one set perfectly meet your need for Dry Herb and Wax.

Advanced techniques in sleek portable design ensure your anywhere vape easy and comfortable!

CBD catridge 4.jpg

Pure tank, exclusive big ceramic heater! universal 510 threading.