Dry Herb Vaporizer Transmission Operation
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Chinese medicine solid-liquid extraction of the most commonly used equipment is the extraction tank, generally divided into dynamic extraction tank and static extraction tank, dry herb vaporizer a number of extraction tank can constitute a nesting device. Generally include the following:

(1) Leakage control. Instrumentation / Actuator: inlet valve, dry herb vaporizer flow meter. Complete the function: automatic quantitative check leak, prompt leak);

(2) Quantitative addition of the solvent. Instrumentation / actuators: flowmeters, valves. Complete function: add water to set the amount;

(3) manual feeding. Complete the function: indicator light request feeding, manual feeding is completed, press the button to complete the material;

(4) temperature control. Instrumentation / Valves: temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, steam flow control valves and straight-through valves. Complete function: automatic steam flow control valve and through valve, check the tank liquid temperature and jacket pressure, the temperature rose to the set value, the control of liquid circulation for a certain time, if the temperature dropped below the set value, dry herb vaporizer continue to heat up Process, otherwise, into the thermostat control;

(5) constant temperature timing. Instrument / valve: temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, steam flow control valve. Complete the function: to detect the temperature of the material, jacket pressure, control the opening of the control valve to keep the liquid temperature in the set value of ± 2 ℃ range, the computer time to set the time to enter the next step;

(6) regular cycle. Actuator: pump, valve. Completion function: heating / warming period, according to the computer set the start time and interval start / stop cycle operation;

(7) Timing mixing, nesting control.dry herb vaporizer Actuator: pump, valve. Complete the function: automatically select the material through, control the material, name, batch with the material transfer;

(8) alcohol reflux, aromatic oil recovery, slagging control. Complete the function: the operator station and the machine next to the operation box prompted to request slagging, dry herb vaporizer according to slag and slag discharge button to complete the slag operation;

(9) backflush control, direct steam control, cleaning control. Actuator: pump, valve. Complete the function: open the extraction tank bottom cover, open the cleaning valve, start the cleaning pump, according to the set time to clean, after the closure of the bottom cover;

(10) boiled cans. Complete the function: close the bottom cover, dry herb vaporizer add water leak detection, add water to the set value, heating, holding time, cycle, to set the value, cut off the steam, drainage;

(11) alarm. Complete function: jacket pressure, dry herb vaporizer tank pressure, condenser condensate outlet temperature, cooling water flow and other abnormal alarm;

(12) security chain. Actuator: pressure transmitter, flowmeter, temperature transmitter, limit switch, steam flow control valve and through valve. Completion function: In the return flow, the flow meter if the cooling water flow is not detected or the condenser condensate outlet temperature is high, dry herb vaporizer then the alarm and automatically stop heating, when the tank pressure rose to the upper limit alarm, rose to high limit to stop heating.

Three-effect concentrator consists of three heaters, evaporators, separators and other components, including:

(1) Feed control. Instrumentation / Actuator: Level switch, valve. Completion function: to determine the transmission path, control the transmission operation, dry herb vaporizer batch number tracking;

(2) Quantitative feed. Instrumentation / Actuator: pressure transmitter, vent valve, vacuum valve, level switch, valve, vacuum pump. Complete function: the three effects placed in the ready state, open the vacuum pump and the relevant valve, control the automatic feeding, feed to the evaporation chamber level automatically shut the feed valve, stop the feed, with radar level gauge;

(3) heater steam pressure (temperature) control, dry herb vaporizer evaporator vacuum control, cooling water flow detection, cooling water temperature detection, pouring control, density detection and paste control. Instrumentation / Actuator: Density Meter, Level Meter, Pump, Valve. Completion function: When the evaporation chamber liquid density reaches the set value, stop the evaporation, dry herb vaporizer suggesting that the cream. In addition, there are automatic defoaming, liquid level control, condensate discharge control, cleaning control, boiling tank control.