- Nov 04, 2017 -

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Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the world today, and it’s estimated that nearly 20% of the population, or roughly 1 billion people partake. It’s a hard-to-kick habit and many people who do smoke will most likely tell you that they don’t truly enjoy it; they just can’t get rid of it! They might have more success if they gave vaporizing (or vaping, as it’s more popularly called) a try.

Advantages of Vaporizing

Traditional smoking requires combustion, a process of burning herbs so they release their taste, scent, and flavor. Unfortunately, the same process also releases numerous other compounds – more than 6,000 to be exact, most of which are toxic.

Vaporizing doesn’t burn the herbs. Instead, they are heated up to the temperature at which they release their essential oils and flavor. Since there is no combustion involved, the herb is left intact and you don’t inhale toxic compounds that are produced by burning.

Vaporizing is superior to traditional smoking in several ways:

  • Allows for superior extraction

  • Improves taste and smell

  • It costs less in the long run

  • Generally cleaner feeling