Dubai Smoking In Shopping Mall Will Be Fined 2000 Dirhams
- Nov 22, 2017 -

According to a report by CDC, recently, one official said that the city government of Dubai will impose a fine of 2,000 dirhams on those who smoke electronic cigarettes in shopping vape mod 

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      Redha Salman, director of public health and safety, stressed that it is illegal under federal law to sell or import electronic cigarettes in the UAE.vape mechanical 

      Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places such as open-air markets and shopping malls, Salman said, either indoors or at shopping centers. Once found smoking electronic cigarettes, it will face a fine of 2000 dirhams.good cheap vapes 


     Salman added that security guards in the mall have the right to contact the police if the crime is repeated. Municipalities have been constantly inspecting shops that sell cigarettes and confiscate them immediately if they find the sale of electronic cigarettes.vape sale 

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   "We will take immediate legal action to crack down on shops that sell e-cigarettes, and municipalities will not allow smoking in closed areas."vape cheap 


      The 2009 ban on smoking in public places includes a ban on smoking e-cigarettes and smoking in indoor areas and entrances such as shopping malls and vape mod 2016 

 Relevant laws also expressly prohibit the advertisement of any form of direct or indirect tobacco and its box mod 2016 


      Salman said precisely because they found that some shopping centers smoked cigarettes at their entrances and smoked electronic cigarettes regardless of the situation, so the penalty was introduced.

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