E Liquid Vaporizer Direct Heating
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The main body of the liquid evaporator is composed of a heating chamber and a separation chamber, e liquid vaporizer The main device, the evaporator, consists of a heating chamber and a separation chamber, wherein the heating chamber is a vertically arranged heating tube bundle and heated in a heating medium (usually saturated water vapor) Tube of the solution, so that boiling vaporization. The concentrated solution (called finish liquid) is discharged from the bottom of the evaporator. e liquid vaporizer And the vapor generated by the vaporization of the solution is separated from the solution by the upper separation chamber and then from the top to the condenser. In order to distinguish the steam, e liquid va porizer steamed steam is called secondary steam, and the heated steam is called raw steam or fresh steam.

For the boiling point of the higher evaporation of the solution can be used high temperature heating medium such as heat transfer oil, molten salt as a heating medium, you can also use the flue gas direct heating.

Depending on the pressure of the evaporation operation, e liquid vaporizer the evaporation process can be divided into atmospheric pressure, pressurized and reduced pressure (vacuum). For most of the special requirements of the solution, using atmospheric pressure, pressure or pressure can be operated. However, for the evaporation of thermosensitive materials such as antibiotic solutions, fruit juices, e liquid vaporizer etc., in order to ensure the quality of the product, it needs to be carried out under reduced pressure. The advantages of vacuum evaporation are:

① the boiling point of the solution is reduced, the heating temperature of the steam under certain conditions, the average temperature difference between the evaporator heat transfer increases, e liquid vaporizer so the heat transfer area decreases;

② due to the lower boiling point of the solution, you can use low pressure steam or waste heat steam as heating steam;

③ solution boiling point is low, e liquid vaporizer can prevent the heat of the material denatured or decomposition;

④ due to low temperature, the system heat loss is small. e liquid vaporizer On the other hand, due to the lower boiling point, the viscosity of the solution is large, so that the heat transfer coefficient of the evaporation is reduced, and at the same time, when the vacuum is evaporated, e liquid vaporizer the vacuum is required to increase the equipment and power.