E Liquid Vaporizer Intermittent And Continuous
- Sep 21, 2017 -

e liquid vaporizer According to the evaporation process mode, it can be divided into intermittent evaporation and continuous evaporation. Intermittent evaporation refers to the evaporation of batch feed or discharge. The intermittent operation is characterized by the fact that the concentration and boiling point of the solution in the evaporator changes with time throughout the process, e liquid vaporizer so that the intermittent evaporation is unstable. Often intermittent evaporation is suitable for small-scale multi-species applications,e liquid vaporizer while continuous evaporation is suitable for large-scale production processes.

The evaporated liquid is a solution containing a nonvolatile solute. From the Raoul's law, the vapor pressure of the solution is lower than that of the pure solvent at the same temperature. e liquid vaporizer In other words, at the same pressure, the boiling point of the solution is higher than the boiling point of the pure solvent. Therefore, when the heating steam temperature is constant, e liquid vaporizer the heat transfer temperature difference when the solution is evaporated is smaller than the temperature difference when the solvent is evaporated. The higher the concentration of the solution, the more significant the effect. e liquid vaporizer This effect must be taken into account in the calculation of the evaporation of the solution.

Some materials may be fouled during the concentration process, precipitate crystals or produce foam; some materials are thermosensitive, susceptible or decomposed at high temperatures; some materials have greater corrosive or higher viscosity and so on. Therefore, e liquid vaporizer in the choice of evaporation methods and equipment,e liquid vaporizer we must consider the material of these process characteristics.

Evaporation requires a lot of heating steam, e liquid vaporizer and the solution vaporization and produce a lot of secondary steam, e liquid vaporizer how to make full use of the secondary steam latent heat, improve the economic level of steam, but also an important issue in the design of the evaporator.