First Oceania International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition- Vape Party
- Dec 09, 2017 -

On 1st-2nd December 2018, organized by the Electronic Cigarettes Trade Association, VAPE KINGZ and CECMOL e-Cigarettes, the first Oceania International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition supported by Auckland APAIS BOARD will be held at New Zealand's First Exhibition Center in New Zealand's largest city of Auckland, Organized. Exhibits include: electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette cases / rods, atomizers; tobacco, tobacco bottles, other storage devices; batteries, heating wire, cotton and other accessories.

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This exhibition is the first in Oceania, the largest specialized electronic cigarette B2B and B2C exhibition in the southern hemisphere. It is estimated that the first Oceania exhibition will be attended by 230 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions; the organizers of the exhibition will invite over 100 global Well-known Vape website and Vape magazine, 120 industry B2B websites and exhibition sites, domestic and international multi-channel network social platform and other media to track the exhibition propaganda; and will set up agents in the world, the global promotion, The Oceania is expected to have a population of more than 7 million.

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The exhibition "to create a smoke-free environment" as the theme, the lifting of a total ban on electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette sales completely legalized New Zealand, and the global e-cigarette industry to discuss how to make electronic cigarettes to replace real smoke, so as to create a smoke-free environment. New Zealand, where the show has always been held, is advocating a "smoke-free policy" and in recent years has put forward the slogan "to achieve a smoke-free nation by 2025".

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In order to achieve the goal of smoke-free, the New Zealand government strongly encourages the substitution of traditional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes. The Ministry of Health also issued a statement saying that "it is believed that electronic cigarettes will contribute to the goal of smoke-free by 2025". As Lawrence, President of the Electronic Smoke Trade Association, said in a revolution in New Zealand, more and more smokers are turning to e-cigarettes to reduce their health and financial burden and New Zealand has the potential to become a second UK market. In addition to policy support, Oceania, especially New Zealand, also has a large consumer market. According to statistics, New Zealand's per capita income is US $ 29,698, which is strong in spending power and has a large market. Policy, the double positive market, will promote the rapid development of e-cigarettes in New Zealand and even Oceania.

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This Oceania exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for e-cigarette exhibitors from all over the world to come to Oceania. The organizers of the exhibition will present each exhibition perfectly with the standard of "high specification, professionalism and authority". December 1, 2018 - 2, let us log in Oceania, witness the history of the electronic cigarette industry in Oceania.