First Vaporizer Commercial Advertisement Will Be Broadcast In UK VIP
- Nov 14, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, British television viewers will soon be able to see on television the first "smoking" commercial for nearly 50 years, all of which "thank" the popularization of wax and dry herb vaporizer, and CBD oil vaporizer. The ad will be aired on news channel ITV1 at 9pm.

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 "I've never seen an vaporizer commercial on British television before, so this will be the first ad in this country (an electronic cigarette advertisement) and I'm sure it will be the beginning of a real conversation."


It is learned that since 1965 Britain has banned its domestic advertising of cigarettes. Now, the United Kingdom allows tobacco companies to launch television commercials, but must comply with a series of rules. These include those who forbid the temptation of minors to smoke in advertisements, those that encourage non-smokers to try electronic cigarettes, those who are prohibited from advertising in advertisements that are under 25 or appear to be under 25 years of age. portable vaporizer for dry herb 

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"We are quickly setting the right, clear regulatory requirements for e-cigarette advertising, and while the controversy over e-cigarettes persists, it is our job to ensure that their ads are held accountable to viewers and to enable minors Get the due protection. "It is understood that the provision will not be limited to television advertising, it will apply equally to other media in the UK. A year later, the committee will examine the implications of this new rated vape pen 


The next five weeks continuous play e-cigarette ads, 10 seconds and 20 seconds two versions. Due to the protection of minors, the ad will be airing late at oil vape