Greek Study: E-Cigarettes Is Dangerous To Cause Atherosclerosis Possibly
- Dec 12, 2017 -

E-cigarettes are good helpers for quitting smoking, but they also have side effects such as addiction and damage to the lungs. According to the French health magazine "TOPSANTE" reported that Athens, Greece Medical School, a study shows that electronic cigarettes may lead to atherosclerosis, causing cardiovascular disease.

The study monitored 24 young smokers for monitoring heart rate and atherosclerosis. The results showed that smoking e-cigarettes for 30 minutes is equivalent to taking conventional cigarettes for 5 minutes, during which time the instrument can clearly detect the hardening of the aorta. The researchers said that the aorta is the main artery of the systemic circulation, the harder the more difficult it is to pump blood, which led to a series of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, hypotension, atherosclerosis and so on.

Researchers stressed that electronic cigarettes are not harmless devices and should be used sparingly, but still less harmful than traditional cigarettes.