How Much Do You Know Vaporizer Coil Technologies?(1)
- Dec 04, 2017 -

This article introduces you to some of the most common types of heating wire and discusses their purpose and features. Some heating wires are used for power, some are used for temperature control, and we introduce the heating wire that can be used in both modes. huge box mod 

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We try to introduce you to the characteristics of different heating wire, may help you decide which kind of heating wire is most suitable for your style. Here will focus on a single standard wire, does not involve Clapton, aliens, tiger wire and other fancy wire. We will try to make the article easy to understand, so that everyone can quickly box mod vape  

Wire gauge--Resistance and heating rate

Regardless of the material of the heating wire, there are some basic parameters for all heating wires. where to buy vape mods 

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The first basic parameter for all heating wires is the diameter of the heating wire, commonly referred to as "wire gauge," expressed in numbers. The diameter value does not represent the actual diameter, so the actual diameter value is not important, it is important that as the gauge value increases, the diameter will be smaller. 26GA heating wire thinner than the 24GA, 28GA thicker. From small diameter to large diameter heating wire common specifications are: 32,30,28,26,24 and 22GA. Of course there are other specifications, even odd specifications. best vaporizer mods 

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Second, as the heating wire size increases, the resistance decreases. And due to the larger mass of the heating wire, the heating wire usually takes longer to heat. The resistance of thin heating wires like 32GA and 30GA will be high, but they will heat up faster than 26GA and 24GA heating wires. series box mod kit 

When you fire, the time it takes for the coil to heat up to the temperature required to atomize the oil is the heating rate of the coil. Heating filaments, such as Clapton, like many multi-filament heating coils, heat up more slowly. However, with the heating wire gauge increases, you can also use a single coil to heat faster. where to buy box mods 

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