Introduction Of Electronic Cigarette Association Of China, Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong And Taiwan
- Dec 09, 2017 -

The CAGR of the global electronic cigarette market will rapidly grow at 20.8% in the next ten years. It is estimated that by 2025, the global electronic cigarette industry output will reach 614 billion U.S. dollars, with the United States as the largest market. The Asia-Pacific region Will be the highest compound annual growth rate of rapid development in 2025 will account for more than 27% of the global e-cigarette industry output value, the major markets in Asia in China and India, indicating that the electronic cigarette industry in Asia Pacific is at an alarming rate of explosive growth.

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First, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee (CECC), established in 2017, is affiliated with China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. It aims to develop upstream and downstream members by organizing industry conference exchange activities, formulating industry standards for electronic cigarettes, strengthening industry personnel training, and educating electronic cigarettes And promotion and dissemination of e-cigarette culture. It is committed to promoting branding, standardization, standardization and large-scale development of the e-cigarette industry in mainland China.

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Second, the Hong Kong Electronic Cigarette Association

The Hong Kong Electronic Smoke Association (HKVAPEA) was established in 2014 to provide the public with the right e-cigarette message and government information on e-cigarettes. Conduct research and discussion in accordance with the relevant policies, cooperate with government policies and provide advice, support the regulation of e-cigarettes and the establishment of relevant legislation. The Association also provides health information on e-cigarettes so that the public can understand and learn more about e-cigarettes.

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Taiwan Electronic Cigarette Industry Development Association

Taiwan Electronic Tobacco Industry Development Association (TVA), established in 2015, is dedicated to promoting the development of the electronic cigarette industry. It also strives for the rights and interests of the users of electronic cigarettes. It also enables more people to understand and understand electronic cigarettes correctly and discourage government and media inaccuracies It also hoped to crack down on illegal and black-hearted products and hoped that more partners could join in the future to do their part for the e-cigarette in Taiwan.