Japan Tobacco International Corporation To Develop Korean Vaporizer Pen Market
- Dec 05, 2017 -

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According to The Korea Herald, Japan Tobacco International recently launched an e-cigarette product in the Korean tobacco market, which is said to be the first e-cigarette product launched by Japan Tobacco International Corp. in the country's market. vape box mod 100w 

According to reports, this new type of electronic cigarette is a repeated use of electronic cigarettes, consumers can buy electronic cigarette liquid for repeated use. e cig battery box 

According to the information from the local tobacco market in South Korea, the price of each set of electronic cigarettes is 40,000 won (about 36.17 U.S. dollars), which includes electronic cigarette devices, rechargeable batteries, electronic cigarette liquid devices, and USB charging devices. According to reports, this is the first electronic cigarette product manufactured and put on the Korean market by Japan Tobacco International Corporation after it acquired an electronic cigarette manufacturer in the United States. modded e cigs