Japanese Man Added Mercury Into The E-cigarette, Leading His Friend Poisoned
- Jan 12, 2018 -

NHK television and the Jiji Press reported: On January 10, a Japanese detainee in Shizuka, Japan, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. The man allegedly placed mercury in a heated electronic cigarette and let his friend inhale and inhale mercury Of male friends have headache, slurred speech and other symptoms.

According to the police, in June last year, a 30-year-old man living in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture was taken to the hospital for symptoms of headache and slurred poisoning after electronic cigarette smoking.


Electronic cigarette is a 30-year-old man living in Otsu City, the police found that the e-cigarette contains a lot of mercury, then the man was investigated, men admitted to mercury for the purpose of killing.

E-cigarettes do not need to light tobacco, inhaled the steam generated by the battery heating. Compared with paper cigarettes, smoke and odor less, the recent use of electronic cigarettes are increasing.

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