Juul Is The Champion In United States
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Such small smoky explosions with nicotine salt in 2017 have shown strong growth momentum! I remember the beginning of popular, many people simply do not think it is outdated things. Many consumers do not want to use it, let alone buy. But after use, completely changed the stubborn concept.

 Steam Vaporizer for concentrate.jpg

First, because of the portable, it is compact; Second, the use of simple, completely taught without patience. Do not adjust the host parameters. Pumping time, the air flow sensor switch directly, do not press the ignition key. This is very much in line with the habit of smoker.


According to the "Winston-Salem newspaper" reported that the United States Juul electronic cigarette sales surge. In December 2017, Juul's market share rose from 40.0% to 46.8%.