Key Words In China's Vape Industry In 2017
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Mini E cigarettes

Mini one cigarette, refers to an ultra-thin, miniature electronic cigarette, square, flat, unique appearance, the amount of smoke is not large, easy to use, easy to carry, suitable for mass consumers.

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New tobacco products

The new type of tobacco products are many types of cigarettes relative to traditional cigarettes and their types have increased with the continuous development of technological innovation. Globally, there are currently three major types of new tobacco products, including heating non-combustible tobacco products, smokeless tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. They share three common characteristics: No burning, nicotine, no tar. Among them, the electronic cigarette, heating non-burning tobacco products is the main product.

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Touch Screen Box

Touch screen mainframe, also called touch screen box, refers to a kind of electronic cigarette mainframe that adopts the color screen + touch screen key technology. Today, touch screen technology is increasingly becoming the mainstream trend in the e-cigarette industry.