Let’s Vape: Our View And Concept To Vaporizer Stores
- Nov 23, 2017 -

How many Chinese real vaporizers is in 2016? This issue is what the vaproizer industry practitioners and followers concerned about. February 25, 2017, Tobacco Online released a column by Zhuang Zhiqiang. Article mentioned in 2016 China's real smokers consumed about 32 billion yuan. This includes a total of 1.8 billion yuan online sales, as well as about 1.2 billion offline vaporizer store sales, and finally there are other retail channels contribute about 200 million sales.vape mech mods 

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The development of an industry is inevitably inseparable from the government's policy support. On August 20, 2017, CCTV's Channel 2 Economic Information Network, CCTV2's financial channel, cited the "300 million yuan smuggling case" as the cause. The report details the ins and outs of the case and briefly introduces the current status of the domestic electronic cigarette industry . Some of the more crucial information: tank vape 

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      1, "Electronic cigarette was born in our country in 2004, it has been selling tepidly.However, foreign electronic cigarette has become a kind of fashion trend similar to coffee ... From 2016 onwards, The market is suddenly hot. "high end vape mods 

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     2. According to the statistics of the Customs, in 2014, the country imported 53 tons of electronic cigarette oil and 74 tons of imported electronic cigarette in 2015, with an explosive growth starting in 2016 with an import volume of 441 tons. "box mod starter kit 

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