Lifestyle Expo Tokyo Will Be Held On January 24 2018
- Jan 06, 2018 -

In Japan, grocery is synonymous with household goods, grocery stores similar to daily life boutiques, you can see they are everywhere in the streets, consumers can buy a variety of household items, including electronic cigarette and vaporizers products.

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Lifestyle Expo Tokyo, Japan's largest grocery show, will be held on January 24 this year at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's International Exhibition Center. The fair is comprised of several professional exhibitions with super professional buyer groups including importers, wholesalers and retailers from around the world, including AEON AEON Group, Big Camera Hakka Merlot, Family Mart, Isetan Isetan, SOGO Sogo Department Store, Tobu Tobu Department Store, Sanyo, etc., nearly 80,000 professional buyers.

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