New Zealandvaporizers Market Is Good, Political Party Leaders Proposed Subsidies For Vaporizers
- Dec 05, 2017 -

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Marama Fox, a New Zealand Maori coalition leader, proposed spending more tax money on smoking cessation activities in New Zealand, in particular subsidizing e-cigarettes in order to meet the government's 2025 smoke-free target. Prime Minister Bill English said he is open to that. large box mod 

Ms. Fox said the Maori Party hopes to subsidize the public for tobacco products so as to achieve the government's goal of "smoke-free 2025". When discussing anti-smoking measures, Ms. Fox said "what we want to do is subsidize electronic cigarette smoking." The party wants to see New Zealanders switch from flammable cigarettes to less harmful products, "at least it will not cause cancer and other smoking-related illnesses." pink ecig mod 

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