Phillip Morris Expects To Benefit $ 1.2 Billion From Vaporizer Alternatives
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Phillip Morris International is raising investment in Vaporizer pen substitutes to expand sales to more countries, with next year's goal of leading the tobacco industry into risk-reduction products that may eventually replace traditional smog.(dab machine )

Marlboro's makers have "become increasingly confident" that it will reach the upper end of its expected range by adding $ 700 million to $ 1.2 billion in profits by 2020, with CEO, André Calantzopoulos, investing in Lausanne, Switzerland Who presented on Thursday said. The company plans to spend 100 million this year so-called next-generation products for an additional $, bringing the total to $ 1.2 billion.(dab tool kit )

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Phillip Morris Inc. is throwing more money behind its iQOS hot-non-combustible tobacco equipment rivals BAT and Japan Tobacco Inc. Philip Morris Inc. expects to have 20 store shelves by the end of the year On the product, the aim is to expand sales next year, up to 35 countries. With $ 1.5 billion earmarked for product development that reduces risk, next year, tobacco manufacturers vowed to state that smokers like to not burn technology in e-cigarettes because it gives people a feeling more like smoking.(best dab torch )

"We are more convinced than ever before that these products have the potential to fundamentally change our business," said Calantzopoulos.(parts of a dab rig )