Porsche And Vaporizer, The New Fashion Trend For Vaporier
- Jan 04, 2018 -

We know that electronic cigarette in recent years has become an indispensable artifact of fashionable people. Entertainment people are more and more popular electronic cigarettes, not only the stars themselves private use, but also continue to be brought into a variety of Fashion Week, film and television works. Now, it has also been introduced into the music video!


Recently, FatJoeVEVO posted on YouTube a new official song "Cookin" by singer FAT JOE, Remy Ma and French Montana.


in the MV, lot of vaping. 


Singer in the desert, accompanied by luxury activities scenes, dynamic music, driving expensive Porsche supercar, riding a camel across the desert, people are fascinated.


However, the most intriguing is that the actress is full of deep meaning to take an e-cigarette, then slowly spit out the sultry smoke, the pose really beautiful, really sultry! Look at that intoxicated expression, after reading, you will want to immediately take an e-cigarette!