Russian Government Experts Disagree To Equal The E-cigarette To Traditional Cigarettes
- Nov 29, 2017 -

The new anti-tobacco concept, previously submitted to the Russian government for review, sets out new rules for tobacco trade and a ban on the manufacture, import and circulation of non-smoking tobacco products.vaping cbd oil 

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The concept stipulates that the advent of new tobacco products and their imitations favored by teens, such as nicotine-carrying electronic equipment, heating of tobacco, hookah, snus and soluble tobacco, require additional measures to restrict their circulation and sale to children under the age of 18 crowd. cannabis oil benefits 

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Open Government Information Service said: "For the concept of vaporizer equivalent to traditional tobacco terms, experts believe that this measure will hinder the development of new technologies to reduce the harm of tobacco to smokers."cbd hemp oil vape 

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Experts also believe that for innovative nicotine-containing products, separate regulations need to be introduced and "the possibility of further elaboration of legal norms will be ensured as new data on these products emerge."buy cbd vape oil 

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