Seiko, Special Tune Oil, Chaos, Control Price, FALSIFYING? How Much Do You Know About Vaporizers Cold Knowledge
- Dec 11, 2017 -


Chaos, refers to the e-cigarette dealer or sales force in the course of the game, beyond the limits of e-cigarette manufacturers retail or wholesale conduct. In accordance with the different direction, the price can be divided into upside chaos and down chaos.

Ranging refers to the upside of e-cigarette dealer or salesman beyond the manufacturer's price ceiling at a higher price retail or wholesale behavior. Downward random price refers to the e-cigarette dealer or salesman beyond the manufacturer's price limit to a lower price retail or wholesale behavior. In the prevalence of the buyer's market today, the uplink chaos has been uncommon. However, the downfall is really ravaged.

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Control price

Control price, refers to the e-cigarette brand party, manufacturers, there is a price chaos found its brand chaos at low prices, Pirates of the chart, FALSIFYING fake and the like, so to do price control. That is to say, some complaints about shops and products that have not been authorized or infringed. The purpose is to brand the price can not be lower than the manufacturer's price limit, the brand side to do online price control on the brand's influence, flagship store ranking and sales, authorized dealer store operations, distribution and recruitment have great the benefits of.



FALSIFYING, also known as stockpiling, is a business activity whose purpose is to make money. Conscious sales performed by e-cigarette distributors across their own covered sales areas are FALSIFYING. It is the vicious marketing phenomenon that branches or intermediaries in the business network are profit-driven and sell the products they sell across regions, resulting in market run-off, price chaos and serious impact on the reputation of manufacturers.

For example, A and B two e-cigarette brand agents, respectively, responsible for the two adjacent areas C and D sales. A can only be sold in the c, B can only be sold in the D. In order to expand their sales, or to obtain other benefits, A sold the goods to D. This creates a skewer. If A in the D zone sales price lower than B, then it will seriously affect the B's market sales, if with the intention of suppressing B, then it is a malicious serial.

Special oil

Special oil, also known as fake oil, refers to the imitation of the market, the taste of one of the best-selling electronic cigarette oil preparation, and then marked with other people's trademarks or affixed their own LOGO. No matter how powerful, but also can not be modulated with the same original taste exactly, unless access to the exclusive formula of others.

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Seiko, also known as high imitation, cottage, refers to the market according to a finished electronic cigarette or nebulizer original 100% of the proportion of imitation, very fine, exactly the same with the real. In fact, the so-called Seiko, as long as the original brand is not produced, all belong to the A goods, fakes, imitation goods.