Shared Vaporizer Comes Out
- Jan 03, 2018 -

As we all know, in 2017 the outlet industry, than to share the economy. This year, there have been numerous new terms of sharing economy, such as sharing bicycles, sharing rechargeable treasure, sharing umbrellas, sharing basketball, and even sharing girlfriends. Among them, sharing cycling is praised as the outlet in the outlet.


How to share that electronic cigarette? What is sharing e-cigarettes? Very curious!


But look at this product image, found that before the little smoke is not much difference.


Later saw the introduction to know that the so-called shared shared e-cigarettes, refers to the sharing of consumer models, sharing is the battery.


The product uses a new shared consumption model, which allows users to return the finished product to the manufacturer, which will be recycled lithium batteries, not only reflects the characteristics of environmentally friendly and recycling economy, but also allows users to reduce the cost of using the product.