Shenzhen Ban On Public Tobacco Smoking Completely
- Dec 07, 2017 -

On November 29, 2017, Shenzhen Metropolitan Daily made an investigation and report on the current smoking ban in Shenzhen.

According to the survey, the most unsatisfactory areas for smoking banning are the bars / dance halls (69.6%), the cafes / entertainment halls (60.1%) and leisure services (43.2%).

The "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Control Smoking Ordinance" has been implemented for more than three years and has completely received good feedback on all indoor public places, workplaces, public transport and some outdoor areas. Under the existing policy, "smoke-free Shenzhen" will no longer be an empty talk. Starting from January 1 this year, the scope of smoking ban in Shenzhen has been extended to include entertainment places such as bars and footbath stores. Subject to the relevant regulations, 50 to 500 Yuan fine. If the place managers are not actively involved in tobacco control, will be fine 1 - 3 million.