Singapore Will Introduce New Law To Completely Ban E-cigarette!
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Singapore's forthcoming new law will completely ban e-cigarettes, so even igniting the device at home is illegal. Now only the sale, import and sale of these battery powered devices are illegal.

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For users of e-cigarettes, smoking electronic cigarettes in private spaces is not punishable. However, an injunction passed last November stipulated that it is illegal for people to buy, use and own generic tobacco products such as e-cigs, electronic cigars and electronic pipes. Expected to come into effect in the coming months.

Some users of products over the age of 18, the legal minimum smoking age, said they planned to switch back to regular cigarettes. Ms. Fatima Yusof, a 20-year-old waitress said: "I like the taste and it's cheaper than cigarettes, but it's hard to find cigarettes."

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The Ministry of Health considers their introductory product to attract users to nicotine addiction and then lead to cigarette use. Parliamentary secretary Amrin Amin said the steps will gradually make the use of tobacco products illegal and prevent youngsters from getting cigarettes.

Lim Boon Leng, a private practice psychiatrist, said that e-cigarettes are good or bad depending on the motivation of the user. They may become addictive if the product is not intended for quitting or non-smokers, especially young people.