Situation Of The Marijuana And Cannabis Vaporizer User In USA
- Nov 09, 2017 -

marijuana and cannabis.jpg

With approximately 25% of the US permitting recreational marijuana use beginning in 2017, you’re starting to see all type of users, proudly crawling out of the woodwork. No more are the days of being stereotyped as a rasta loving hippie, but steadily the stigma is being broken down and we’re coming to realize what we already knew.....everyone, from every walk of life uses cannabis.

Devices, such as these new high tech, sleek vaporizers are helping to pave the ways, I mean who wouldn’t want a cell phone design inspired high tech gadget that gets you high. These new devices are super high tech, sleek and discreet.

2016 was the year of the portable vaporizer wars, with technology being innovated faster than manufacturers can keep up. So with all the new vaporizers hitting the market in 2017 which do you buy.

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