Three Kinds Of Marketing To Make Number 1 Selling Vaporizers(1)
- Jan 23, 2018 -

If you are always concerned about the apple, you will find that Apple introduced a product will be widely concerned about and sought after, brushing circle of friends and other major media outlets, explosion of small public deserved name.

In fact, the success of Apple's new release, hidden behind a lot of marketing routines, most people may not see it! Today, we might as well take a look at the burst of Apple's new product release marketing routines to iPhone8 as an example.


Under normal circumstances, the traditional marketing intervention point in time, the product is already well, it began to formally launch advertising, publicity. Apple is using pre-marketing. Pre-marketing is the product of marketing activities to open the point in time, a big move forward. Pre-marketing is also more reflected as a kind of thinking.

From an operational level is the product from R & D, design to production of every aspect of the business are collecting marketing material for the final market to prepare marketing programs. It has been adhering to the culture of secrecy, attach great importance to the internal secrets, and even for the privacy of users and the federal police against the company, but in the production process of a variety of "leaked", but Amoy cloud customer service has long been seen through, this is the front A kind of marketing.

From the iPhone4s test machine employees were lost in the bar; iPhone5s Home key renderings are exposed; to the iPhone6 is left in the conference for more than six months, the world are brushing CAD drawings; to iPhone8 7 months after the advent of just a month Was burst prototype ... and so on. In a variety of unofficial ways, they use the hand of others to "deliberately" expose new products. Various kinds of fierce materials occupy the news headlines, making the brand of Apple active in the sight of everyone.

The following is the iPhone index in Baidu search, we can see that in the new product release before the search volume has been relatively stable, in the conference nearly 1 month downturn, did not make generous marketing activities, but the conference recently, the search volume soared , Once again pull everyone's attention back.

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Therefore, the pre-marketing not only full marketing, but also from the time axis point of view, start the whole process of product manufacturing process marketing. Let the brand heat has been online, new products are not out on the first fire.