Three Kinds Of Marketing To Make Number 1 Selling Vaporizers(2)
- Jan 23, 2018 -

New product marketing

If you do not want to be eliminated by the market, then how to accurately create explosive products in order to avoid this horror. Second, to make users feel "happy", it is necessary to allow users to cool, to seize the pain points, but also be able to quickly spread, instantly detonated the market.

New listing, it must be the first wave of activities, grab attention. There are many new forms of activities, conference is a lot of companies the only way for new products to market. Apple conference has always been a bright spot, many domestic and foreign enterprises are scrambling to imitate. Why do we fight but Apple's press conference heat it? The reason is simple, not enough!

Recalling the era of Steve Jobs, when Apple has just started, Jobs and Apple are not many people. However, Steve Jobs often shuffle competitors at the conference without exception, and frequent release of his own independent position aroused everyone's attention. Now with hot words now Amoy cloud customer service is Pong name enterprises, rub the hot spots, stroke out of bits, so "broke the news" enough press conference, even if it is just a small company, will also receive numerous concerns. However, Steve Jobs is good at grasping the sense of propriety, and even propped up the entire conference. His personal charisma played a crucial role in Apple's initial launch.

And as Apple grew in size and everyone recognized the product more than an individual, the fixed road to Apple's launch turned out to be the SVP for every field. Cook opens, Phil talks about new hardware, Craig talks about new software, Eddy talks about new features, and other characters are on stage, playing a trick, and finally Cook concludes.

cook iphoneX.jpg

Only the most accurate and simple words in the slide show, or even just a title, all the rest, to the presenter to express itself. All the emphasis is on the product. This is also the case in the case of the product has an absolute advantage, no longer rely on other "material" to win attention, the product itself "material" is already sufficient, which is why we have been imitating Apple's "cold" has been no other fire The root cause, the product "material" is not enough. The iPhone8 release "expected" is sufficient.

We are doing new activities, we must consider this point.