Three Kinds Of Marketing To Make Number 1 Selling Vaporizers(3)
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Hunger marketing

Speaking of Apple's marketing routines, hungry marketing is a must-mention routine. After continued preheating and new product launches and other marketing, everyone's appetite has been fully lifted up, but the supply can not meet the demand at all, resulting in "a hard to find" hot scenes. This marketing routine has been said by many people, Amoy cloud customer service here to say some drawbacks, if the product does not have the absolute advantage, it is recommended not to play; if pre-marketing is not enough, it is recommended not to play; if there is no large loyal fan base , It is recommended to be cautious; if there is no strong marketing team to control the sales pace, it is recommended to be cautious. Hunger marketing is like sister pretending to be hypocritical, not enough charm so that others can easily turn left. So, everyone is careful.

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According to China Mobile's "China Mobile Terminal Big Data Report" released in July 2016, the highest loyalty of domestic users is the Apple iPhone, reaching a staggering 45%. TrendForce predicts that Apple's iPhone sales will reach 227.5 million units this year . The emergence of explosions seems seemingly accidental, in fact, there is a certain commonality behind. Be able to attract many users in a short period of time, must be interested in the user, must be really hit consumer pain points, to create belong to the explosive products belonging to the modern era, and with the progress of the times, and constantly improve the explosion of products Depth and content, deep pound blasting products sustainable outbreak of function and technology, walking in front of everyone, the only way to reduce the risk of being burst, sustained profitability. Hope that these marketing routines will help everyone.